Our kennel is a small hobby kennel, located in Sweden in a small community called Bollebygd in a nice environment on the countryside. The nearest big town is Gothenburg, 40 km east from us. The people behind the kennel is Jennie and John Írvill. Breeding of Hovawart and the life with this wonderful breed is our biggest interest.
All of our dogs are part of our family, treated as member of the family and we are very dedicated to them. Our dogs live free in our huge yard and in our house, they have their daily routine. They can swim when ever they want in our big pond.
A Hovawart is a working breed and a loyal family companion.
Hovawart has a very strong personality, inventive and intelligent, and with a good portion of genuine canine instincts and behaviour including a distinct body language.

We strive to produce top quality Hovawart sutable for work and show. Healthy, good looking Hovawart with good working ability and mental stability - a fine all round Hovawart.
We have chosen to select our dogs from breed stock that is rooted in the world famous German bloodlines. We feel that the country of origin has consistently produced the best dogs in type, temperament and health and it is important to widen the genepool and therefor we have regularl
y imported Hovawart from abroud, mostly from Germany. We believe it is important for the future of the breed that all dogs prove themselves on the field and in the ring.
We are active and compete in several workingclasses as well as obedience. Tracking,
army patrol dog, search and rescue, messanger dog etc. We also enjoy shows (exhibitions) a lot.

Adding a Hovawart puppy to your family is a big decision. It is a long term commitment with responsibilities of raising and caring for a life.
As breeders we have a heavy responsibility to find good homes to our puppies. Hovawarts, especially young ones are active and energetic dogs and demand a good deal of time and effort, combining attention, affection, leadership and rules. Not all people today have the time and engagement to raise a young and active dog into a harmonious adult. All our puppie buyers have to be able to give their dogs an active life! Dog sport in some way have to be a natural and regular element in the dogs life. There are a lot of things to train, obediance, swedish workingprogram, IPO, rescue dog or army patrol dog for example. What ever you choose it has to be someting that is meaningful for the dog.

We do not breed a lot of litters but when we do breed, we aim to produce the best. Because we only have a few litters a year, it is recommended that you contact us ahead of time if you are interested in reserving a puppy from one of our planned breedings. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions about us or our dogs.

All of our puppies are raised inside our home with our family, well socialized and accustomed to everything that exists in a normal home environment. They have been taken for walks outdoors and they have been riding in a car. Every puppy has received temperament tests before leaving our kennel and going to their new families and homes.

We are members of the Swedish Kennelclub (SKK), Swedish workingdogs association (SBK), Swedish & German Hovawartclub (AFH and RZV)

Puppy Delivery at 8 weeks of age and then ...
- Is a puppy-test performed and protocol is supplied with.
- Is your puppy registered with the the Kennel Club (FCI).
- Is your puppy ID-marked with a chip.
- Is your puppy vaccinated.
- Is your puppy dewormed.
- Is your puppy veterinary inspected within 7 days and a certificate supplied with.
- Is your puppy is insured for hidden defects applicable during 3 years.
- Do we send an owner notification to the Kennel Club and Board of Agriculture.

The puppy takes the following into the new home ...
- Registration / Pedigree issued by the Kennel Club.
- A video film from the Kennel Club "Welcome Puppy"
- A competition book and binder with information for the owner.
- Food for the first period in the new home.
- A blanket for the puppy to lie on the first time in the new home.

We are very interested in seeing how the puppies develop. Therefore we offer:

- We take the cost of the X-ray of hips.
- We take the cost of the MH
(Dog Mentality Assessment), which is arranged by us.
- We take the cost of the MT (mental test) and exterior exam (Korning), which is arranged by us.
- Puppy and adult dogs meetings / get together.

We will not sell puppies to dealers or any kind of 3rd party purchaser!