My facination for the bred Hovawart started in the late eighties. I have owned Hovawart since 1989 when I bought my first one. I was 15 years old when I became an active member of the Swedish workingdogs association. I have been faithful to the breed ever since, I canít think of another breed to have though Hovawart stands for everything I want in a dog. All of our dogs are part of our family, treated as member of the family and we are very dedicated to them. You can see info about previous dogs here >>>

We applied for kennel name in 2004 and we had our first litter in september 2007. We strive to produce top quality Hovawart sutable for work and show. Healthy, good looking Hovawart with good working ability and mental stability - a fine all round Hovawart. It is important to widen the genepool and therefor we have regularly imported Hovawart from abroud, mostly from Germany. You can see the imports here >>> Since the start we have been very carefull with the documentation of our breeding. 97% are X-rayed for Hip Dysplasia and 97% from our litters have done the MH. (Dog Mentality Assessment) You can see info about previous litters here >>>


  Besides competing in the different workingtrials with our dogs, we also enjoy shovs. We belive a working dog is a healthy dog, we spend all of our free time to train and exercice our dogs. Apart from regular training as obedience, tracking, search and so on we also spend a lot of time on the physique.
Every summer we do a lot of swimming with the dogs in our own pond, along with hikings and rides with bicycle.

We are  members of  the Swedish Kennelclub (SKK) and Swedish workingdogs association (SBK). We are also members of the Swedish and German Hovawartclub (AFH and RZV).  John has been the  secretary of the Swedish Hovawartclub between 2004-2012. Since 2008, John is certified as exterior judge for Hovawart. He is also certified to perform puppy-tests and he is active as a ringassistant.
We are active in several workingclasses as well as obedience. Tracking,
army parol dog, search and rescue, messanger dog to name some. We also enjoy shows (exhibitions) a lot.
Until today 5 of our own dogs have obtain the military workingdog certificate (Patrol Dog) and one of them is a certified search and rescue dog.

Most important to us is the joy of everyday life with our dogs and the challenge of breeding physically and mentally healthy Hovawart with strong desire for work and true to type, dogs that will make us proud and be the delight of their owners for many years to come!!

Jennie & John ÷rvill Bergenhovs Kennel